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The arbitration agreement is a type of agreement and must be concluded in accordance with the provisions of the Indian contract law. The existence of an agreement must be the subject of an “ad idem consensus”, which means that the parties to the agreement must agree on the same thing and must also agree in the same direction. Similarly, the parties must have the intention and willingness to bring the dispute to arbitration that is reflected in the terms of the agreement. There are essential elements of Section 7, some of which are: The characterization that the person who must have the jurisdiction of the Court under Section 9 is to be a “party” to an arbitration agreement; Anyone who is not a party to an arbitration agreement cannot enter the Court for the protection covered by Section 9. Therefore, the courts should be particularly vigilant and provide such interim protection to the parties and ensure that a party that has no recourse power in light of the arbitration agreement at issue does not benefit from it and continues to place a burden of litigation lightly on the courts. Courts are particularly cautious in judging applications under section 9 of the Act and always ensure that interim measures are taken to facilitate arbitration, not otherwise. (i) there should be a dispute that has been formed with respect to the purpose of the agreement and may be referred to the Court of Arbitration; Due to increasing technological improvements and their adoption in different sectors, the 2015 amendment now provides that if two parties enter into an arbitration agreement on electronic communications, it would be a valid agreement. Section 9. Interim measures, etc. by the Court of Justice.- A party may, before or during an arbitration proceeding or at any time after the sentencing, but before it is carried out in accordance with Section 36, exchange letters, telexes, telegrams or other telecommunications means 1 [including electronic communications] to a court that provides a registration of the agreement; or (4) An arbitration agreement is written if it is included in … (2). The application under subsection 1 is only made if it is accompanied by the original arbitration agreement or a properly certified compliant copy.