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It is in your best interest to pay all tax bills until the due date; They avoid additional penalties and interest, as well as any collection. However, if you cannot pay the balance within 60 days, you can apply for an Installment Payment Contract (IPA). DTF does not publicly discuss what the typical or maximum term is for a payment plan. In general, the longer the time required by the taxpayer, the more prudent the PPI verification process is. In many cases, the best way is to pay for everything at the same time, but it may not always be feasible. A staggered payment contract allows payment over time. Interest and penalties remain the source and it is often in the taxpayer`s best interest to review loans from other sources before they attempt to enter into a phased payment contract. An PPI is useful for taxpayers who have a decent income but do not have sufficient capital to support a loan. As a general rule, NY State proposes a 36-month payment plan for personal income taxes due, without the need for financial information. In other words, the application process does not require financial disclosure. If you are granted the PPI, you pay your tax debts of more than 3 years or before the expiry date of the Recovery Act (CSED), depending on the first date. If you don`t have any other unpaid bills with us, we can`t create an IAP until an invoice is created. Continue payments until you receive an invoice.

The Staggered Payment Agreement (IPA) is the official name used by DTF to refer to a monthly tax payment plan. The deferral of payment was the previous name of the IAP. There are many ways to request a payment plan from the NYS DTF. If you can`t pay all of your tax bills, you can qualify for an Installment Payment Contract (IAP). In accordance with the agreement, you make monthly payments for your unpaid tax balance. As a general rule, any tax payer with $20,000 or less in public taxes is entitled to a New York income tax payment. The state provides IPAs for balances in excess of $20,000. However, the approval process is not as streamlined. You cannot apply online if you owe more than $20,000.

Please note that we continue to charge your government and federal refunds or any other amount owed to you until your balance is fully paid. DTF will review the taxpayer`s compliance history and financial condition in the decision to grant the PPI application. If DTF grants an IAP, the taxpayer (you) must remain compliant with all tax returns and pay all new taxes in full.