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Despite the differences, there has not been much learning curve. I was familiar with the EPCC and the staff because we have a consortium agreement between EPCC and UTEP. The consortium agreement provides a unique process for both objectives, as it is transferred through the student. Both institutions use the banner system, which has made the transition easier for me. 7 utep_aac You are about to meet all 4 start program requirements The AMP is less than 2.0 but between 1.5 – 1.99 GPA is at 2.0, but not completed at least 9 hours of credit approved courses All courses are allowed from a university space only, for the following semester sign START Extende Contract all requirements 4 must be met by the end of the second semester , questions about dual credit and dual credit online to apply programs to LDHS. 8 utep_aac your MPA at the end of your first semester is less than 1.5 Ineligible – suspended for 2 years by UTEP, cannot re-register for UTEP until spring 2017, unless you attend another university or university and return with a transfer credit. You can ask for reinstatement, but only in extumenting circumstances Lou: Can you share something that your industry colleagues probably don`t know about you? Raul: I`ve got two! I had my first time when my daughter was 18 — we had tattoos together. One is a Celtic cross with the initials of “women in my life,” and the other is the Chinese symbol of the Father. Lou Murray: How long have you been in financial aid? Raul: I am the current Executive Director of Financial Aid at the EPCC and I have grants for the five EPCC campuses. “I can`t over-emphasize the importance of higher education to get us out of an already recessionary recession,” Serrata said.

“… (EPCC) is a unique position to provide accelerated training to newly qualified and highly skilled members of our community who have lost their jobs. 9 utep_aac Wait New Student Orientation (NSO) UNIV 1301 Recommended in UNIV 1301 during your 1st semester De Freshmen Seminar is part of your Curriculum Needs Meet your mandated academic advisor in September and tell us how to do it If you reopen the college campus this fall, Smith expects more hybrid courses, especially for health professionals , welding and automotive programs that require hands-on instruction in addition to e-learning. All three institutions have implemented a recruitment freeze for non-essential employees and TTUHSC El Paso has frozen most investments. Lou: Are there any primary or frequent trends you see in financial aid? Raul: It is not the same with this two-year institution. It requires a unique way of thinking with different types of targets. We manage programs here that are unlike the programs I used to do at UTEP. Working with five campuses was also an adaptation. In addition, I now work with alumni and scholarships. At UTEP, I have not managed any of these programs from my office. Raul Lerma, Acting Executive Director of Financial Aid, El Paso Community College Raul Lerma: 26 years old. Most of my years have been at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).