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On 28 June 2010, the Supreme Court of Hungary adopted a legal opinion No. 1/2010 on various practical issues relating to the consequences of the invalidity of a civil contract. All parties entering into the contract must be older than the minimum age of approval, who have the intellectual capacity to fulfill their contractual obligations and to accept the conditions arising from freedom of desire. It cannot be a unilateral agreement, which is why all parties to the treaty must win something. If z.B. a party buys a house, the seller must receive payment for the house. A contract is not valid even if a person who enters into the contract is not entitled to enter into agreements such that they are not entitled to exercise a deed or right or to represent the party whose contract is named. The parties do not need to take specific measures of disability if they have not provided benefits under the agreement. None of the parties has performance obligations based on the agreement. If the parties have already done something, the payments or other benefits must be refunded.

If the return is not possible, the party must compensate for the value of the benefit. All terms of the agreement must be legal under federal and national law. You can`t buy an illegal item. B for example and cover his purchase with a contract, or it would become an illegal contract. Contracts can be entered into in writing or in the form of an oral agreement. It is entirely plausible that oral treaties are legally binding agreements, but it is risky. This is because it is more difficult to prove exactly what conditions were originally agreed upon if the case is ever tried for litigation. It is generally much more reliable to establish a written contract ever. If a contract has a different content than it is intended due to a typo or other error by the party, the contract is not binding without modification if the other party knew or should have known of the error. If the other party had not had to and had not had to be aware of this so-called error of expression, the agreement is valid and binding. This is not the case when a party has signed a contract without reading it.

If, in such a situation, the content of the contract is different from the content that the signatory has imagined, it will suffer the consequences of its own negligence or an agreement will always be binding.