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13 4 Service Levels Maintenance 4.1 Release Management A mechanism for controlling the initiation, implementation and evaluation of changes in applications through the creation of RFC. The preference is to work with an annual release schedule, including: 1. Dates of completion of the Releases in next year 2. The dates on which the name of the production takes place Responsible annual preparation before November 1 Timeliness The agreed date for setting the schedule for unlocking maintenance (and projects) for next year>.b. Setting the calendar per year before December 1st At least 85% of orders are in time for the delivery date agreed by the customer> and the reliability of the package The precision and completeness of the first solution offered. 90% of the RFCs performed must be delivered correctly in one go> 13/18 18 5.2 Structure Level frequency Who Subject Contract Management semi-annual Contract Management Client> and modifications to ALS and related consequences for the monthly Assignment Management transfer service Assignment Manager to Assignment Manager Client> progress report of agreed service levels on a monthly basis Weekly management of the weekly version to the customer project manager> aggregation of information on the tasksPortfolio (incidents, changes, Projects) in accordance with the agreements. Daily Incident Manager Helpdesk at Incident Manager Client> Exceptional incidents and treaties (status of outstanding incidents, classifications, overruns) Application> 18/18 Gage and pawn issues have almost nothing to do with the goods currently with the logistics services provider. Instead, pledges and pledges are often used to impose payment of unpaid invoices for previous shipments.