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Under Availability, select the All selected countries or regions option (which allows you to restore the app to any App Store). Commission invoice taxes are available for commissions paid by developers based in Japan or Canada to their local store front. You will only receive an invoice with commission tax if you have sales on the store front of your country. To update information shared across platforms, select the Application Information option in the General sidebar. To learn more about a property, click the question mark next to the field or go to the application information. As soon as you make all the necessary updates, the system will automatically retry the payment during the next monthly processing period. The “Payment Returned” notification is displayed until the issue is resolved and we can make a successful payment to you. You must have already downloaded screenshots for this language approved by App Review. If the screenshots of this location are derived from the screenshots of another location, you must first manually add screenshots for that language and submit a version with those screenshots for approval. Select it as the first language in a later update. Other device sizes and locations are available by adding screenshots and previews. To edit a derived metadata property, edit the application information for the primary application. The app bundle metadata is updated automatically when you change the app information.

Alternatively, you can select another main app for the app bundle. New tools in Core ML enable secure, cloud-based delivery and model encryption, Create ML offers new training models and features, and new APIs for Vision and Natural Language give more power to your applications. With up-to-date template converters and accelerated training support on Mac, you can also work more easily with third-party training libraries. You can now create subscription codes to earn, keep and recover subscribers. Offer codes are unique alphanumeric codes that offer automatically renewable subscriptions at a discounted price or free of charge for a set period of time. Make your unique usage codes available digitally or offline at physical events, in addition to products and more. Users of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and above can redeem promotion codes on the App Store via a unique code solution URL or in your app if you have implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API. Sales and trend reports will be updated later this year to receive information about the performance of your subscription codes. Agreements, taxes and banking services: sign agreements, for example. B the agreement for paid iOS or Mac apps, and download a copy of an agreement. Enter tax information and set up electronic banking information to get earnings from Apple.

Apple requires that you provide contact information to people who may be addressing legal, financial, or marketing matters for your business. To add contacts, you must first sign an agreement for paid apps. These people don`t need to be App Store Connect users. In the Agreements section, find the agreement that you want to view. Provides email notifications updating the status of the agreement. Warnings about the expiration of agreements or requests for additional information from you to set up your agreement….