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System hosts can choose to sell the ICs related to the solar photovoltaic installation on site and to buy, instead of their organization, ICRs from other geographically eligible green electricity resources, in order to assert environmental requirements. This process is called rec-arbitration and allows the host to enjoy the financial benefits of solar ICs while asserting environmental requirements and meeting the requirements of the partnership. An in-depth discussion on RECs can be found in the EPO White Paper on RECs. At the end of the period: if your contract ends, you can either buy the system directly, let the leasing company remove it, or leave the system on site and renew the agreement with the owner. Power Purchase Agreement (AAA) for small rural power projects Is part of a series of documents developed by international law firms for use in small rural energy projects. Documents prepared for the Southeast Asian country. Examples of this type of AA are listed below. Survey AAs have been divided into those that are more relevant for smaller, rural energy projects and more complex AOPs, which are relevant for larger projects in developing countries. A solar power purchase agreement is a financing agreement that allows businesses, government authorities, and educational institutions to purchase solar electricity without upfront capital fees. You rent your roof and buy solar electricity at a discounted price instead of investing in your own solar installation.

2. Taxes.